Xiaomi’s Mi4 launches with fitness band that’s incredibly cheap

Xiaomi launched the Mi Band, a fitness band, alongside the Mi4. Just like the Mi4, the Mi Band comes at a very cheap price, $13 only!

This is the first smart wearable from the Chinese company and looking at the price and features, it’s their  “boom” launch into the field. The band tracks your movement (walking or running) and sleeping pattern. You can also use it as a smart vibrating alarm to wake up feeling better.

The Mi Band is waterproof. When charged it can go for 30 days without recharging. That’s an obvious checkpoint against it’s several competitors. The other bands barely survive a week. If you buy the band together with the Mi4 smartphone, your security will be beefed up since the band also doubles up as a security token that automatically unlocks your phone.

No word on the availability yet, but it almost obvious it’s first stop will be in China.