Xperia C3 launched with front facing LED Flash and ProSelfie Cam

Sony has launched the long awaited ‘Selfie phone’ dubbed Xperia C3 today. The smartphone which is the first selfie-dedicated smartphone in the market comes with a ProSelfie cam and several selfie-enhancement apps for the daily selfie addicts.

The front camera features a wide-angle (25mm with 80 degree field of view) 5 MP camera and a front facing soft LED Flash capable of working in any lighting conditions.

Features capable of noting on the smartphones geared direction include AR Effect that enables you to get a different dimension on your selfies. The phone also features a Portrait Retouch Camera app, to assist you in editing all your portrait selfies. The Timeshift burst mode allows you to take 31 shots in 2 seconds, after which you may select the photos you want to keep and which ones you don’t or even better keep them all.


Other features worth noting include the 10 different Deco frames, as well as the Media beam for eye reflection pattern changes. The Camera also carries with it a functionality Sony calls Social Live which allows you to share your photos in real time as you take them. Sweep Panorama and the ability to take Vine videos are also included.

Selfies can be taken by double tapping the back cover or using Smile Shutter. The pictures are apparently adjusted for suitable light conditions thanks to the Superior Auto Mode and Scene recognition functions. SteadyShot allows you to take clean videos that you can watch on the 5.5″ HD Display powered by the Bravia Technology.

Xperia C3 has a thickness of 7.6mm, which makes it pretty slim with a weight of 150g. It packs a QuadCore 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM and an initial 8 GB internal storage.

The ‘Selfie Phone’ will arrive on the market in August 2014 with China being the first stop. Xperia C3 will later be rolled out to other markets. The phone will be released for sale in three colors; Black, White and Mint.

I know you are wondering if it’s waterproof, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it. However, this may be a step forward in defining how technology impacts on our day to day life. The use of selfies has increased 17000% since it first went viral in 2012, leading to the word ‘Selfie’ being added into the Oxford English Dictionary last year.

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