Yahoo looks to create their own version of YouTube.

Yahoo just failed in their attempt to buy Dailymotion, bringing into focus the fact that they are looking to give YouTube some true competition. Well, new reports indicate that they are looking to create their own video portal, and they plan to woo some YouTube stars over to their side to do it. Convincing the YouTube stars to jump ship will not be easy. There is always that possibility that the yahoo project will fail leaving them in an awkward position.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to make more money on the YouTube employees’ part could at the very least make them turn in their seats. More on the website, apparently, it will not be open to the public, that is, Yahoo will pick only the best content to be featured. However, this will be in the beginning, and after some time the rest of the public will have access the site. On the other hand, Yahoo still has the option to purchase Vimeo, another platform that is already established, since Dailymotion is out of the picture.