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Yahoo Mail Brand New, Fast, Simple and Elegant

Yahoo Mail’s 16th Birthday celebration was fielded by giving a brand new view to Yahoo Mail. Various new features were integrated into the mail system in a move that is seen as a way to curb the growing popularity of Gmail, Yahoo’s major competitor.

Yahoo Mail on Android

If you have been a loyal user of Yahoo Mail even when everyone was shifting to Gmail and Outlook, this could be the best reward Yahoo have for you and there way i see it, it’s worth the wait.

Yahoo Mail now gives you various themes inspired by Flickr images, a company which Yahoo owns. You can choose your preferred theme from any of the images that were chosen from Flickr, this will sync all through your devices.

The incentives that previously belonged to Yahoo’s premium users have now been made free and available to all users. Such include services like Disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding.

Yahoo Mail users now have increased storage space for their attachments and emails. Yahoo provided each user with 1TB of space.

To make Yahoo Mail more efficient, you can  now hover your mouse over an email to star, search and delete it. These features were previously hidden and tucked in under other icons but now they are just a click away. As if that’s not enough, you can now collapse the left-hand toolbar to increase your productivity while using the email.

These updates have been made for all devices and operating systems including Desktop, iOS and Android. The updates are being rolled out as fast as possible to each user from anywhere in the world. So if you have not seen the updates by now on your Desktop, stay put, a nice experience is definitely coming your way.

The recent revamps being made by Yahoo are geared towards creating a stronger brand identity as seen in their new logo that was launched only a few weeks ago. Even so, they are not forgetting the customers as we can see from these recent updates.

Click these links to Download Yahoo Mail for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Enjoy Yahoo’s Sweet 16 birthday celebration gift for all.

Source: Yahoo