whatsapp blue ticks

You can now disable WhatsApp blue ticks and regain your sanity

Last week WhatsApp updated their messaging app with a feature that almost broke the internet, literally: the blue ticks which mean that your message has been read by the person you were chatting with. However, it seems that WhatsApp doesn’t want to be responsible for any cases of divorce and breakups, or rants between people in the name of not replying messages, that “I know you read my message, why haven’t you replied??” kind of thing.

The company has moved swiftly to provide a remedy for this. Good news? I know. By visiting the official WhatsApp website, you can now download the latest WhatsApp version 2.11.448 which provides an option to disable the blue ticks. The update has only been confirmed for Android users, so if you have another operating system on your device you may have to wait a little longer, I’m sure the feature will be available for all operating systems soon. Also, note that the update is not on Google Play Store yet. Usually WhatsApp updates on their website first then after a successful testing period, the update goes on Play Store. If you are patient you can wait a few days and download the update from Google Play Store.

If you want to disable the blue ticks after downloading the application, just head over to Settings>Account>Privacy and you will see the option to enable or disable the “Read Receipts.” Check the screenshot below:

disable WhatsApp blue ticks


Something very important to note is that once you disable your read receipts, you wont be able to see the blue ticks when other people read your texts and  other people will not see blue ticks when you read messages they’ve sent to you. Basically, it works like the “Last seen” feature on the same app. Hopefully you go back to being sane now.