You’ll get $550 if you trade in your iPhone for Blackberry Passport

In yet another move by Blackberry to stay¬†relevant in today’s smartphone market, the company is now offering up-to $550 for every iPhone owner who trades in their iPhones for a Blackberry Passport. In the latest move, Blackberry is now taking on Apple, the company primarily responsible for Blackberry’s decline.

The amount of money to be paid to¬†people who decide to trade in will vary from one type of iPhone to another. If you trade in the iPhone 4S you will get $90, iPhone 5 earns you $150, iPhone 5C gets you $130. The iPhone 5S will see you getting $235 while the iPhone 6 gives you $400. On top of these amounts, every user will get a Blackberry top up of $150. The iPhone 6 Plus is not included in the plan but if you own the iPhone 6 and are willing to get rid of it, get yourself a new Blackberry Passport from Amazon or Blackberry’s website and you will be given $550. The trade in begins on December 1st as a part of the holiday offers from Blackberry.

Blackberry Passport is the first flagship smartphone under new Blackberry CEO John Chen who has changed the company’s direction in the smartphone market. Blackberry is now focusing its mobile division towards making smartphones for¬†business and government users rather than the whole “smartphone-needing” population. John Chen believes that the company will turn its fortunes around if it goes back to its roots and develops smartphones for a targeted market.

Blackberry Passport is¬†characterized by a wide and square screen (1440 x 1440 pixels) featuring a slightly tweaked version of Blackberry’s phenomenal keyboard. The keyboard is touch-enabled, and one of Passport’s powerful features is its 30 hours of battery life.

When Apple and Google first ventured into the smartphone market Blackberry was the almighty and powerful. In fact, everybody wanted to own a Blackberry phone because it was the¬†cr√®me de la cr√®me¬†device you could buy. However, following the success of both Android’s smartphones and the iPhones, Blackberry fell.

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