YouTube to offer offline viewing mode on its mobile apps.


On Tuesday the YouTube team, through the YouTube creator blog announced that we would soon be able to store videos temporarily. These videos are meant to be viewed offline. The move is expected to arrive in November, but it wasn’t reviled exactly how the feature will work.

On a very different platform, it was claimed that Google sent out a memo detailing how the feature would work. The memo claims that the updated YouTube app will have an ‘add to device’ feature, which will allow users to store videos for a short period. It goes on to say in the event that internet connection is lost; the video will be able to play offline on the device for up to 48 hours. Once the time passes, the video will no longer be available for viewing, at least until you connect to the internet.


After the device is connected to the net, the time limit is refreshed. Videos for rental will not be included, and reports also say that Google in-stream ads will also run in connection with the content.

YouTube uploaders will have the option to disable offline viewing at the time of upload or any time after. The disabling feature will also be available by region or asset.

YouTube claims that this is part of a larger series of updates that will allow users more opportunities to enjoy videos and channels on their mobile devices.


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