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Your Android wear keyboard too small Your Android wear keyboard too small
Microsoft Keyboard for android wear

Your Android wear keyboard too small? Microsoft Solved the Problem

Android wear operating system is meant to bring the android experience to small devices and wearables. This so called smartwatches have very tiny displays ranging form 2.1inches to 4 inches. The problem arises when one wants to type a message on the smartwatch. The keys are so close together you may hit three keys at once. Well, this may no longer be a problem if Microsoft is put in the light.

Microsoft’s research division has built an analog keyboard prototype for Android Wear that eliminates the need to tap at tiny letters, and instead has you write them out. On the surface, such a solution seems like you’d be trading one tedious task for another, though a video demo of the technology in action shows that this could be a promising solution.

The video is below:

The prototype keyboard has several limitations. It does not support uppercase letters; works only on the the Moto 360 and watches with 320×320 resolution; and drains battery more than a regular android keyboard.