Apple’s ‘Transparent Texting’, aims to let you text as you walk.

Apple is rumored to have filed for a patent that will let users text and walk without tripping over on the side-walk. This new innovation termed as “transparent texting” will turn the screen into a live video feed so users can see what goes on beyond their phone as they walk.

The text will appear in bubbles over a video feed from the rear camera that will be activated by a button, this is according to AppleInsider. Apple already went on and applied for the patent, this was in September 2012, but no word is out on when we will see this innovation.

So the assumption is that the feature will somehow find its way into the upcoming iOS 8. All in all the feature will be readily welcomed, coming at a time when mobile device-related injuries are on the rise.

I cant wait to see what the tech world will come up with to address the issue of texting while driving.