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Samsung Unveils Virtual Reality From A Phone

Samsung’s Note 4-powered VR headset is on its way to a virtual reality screen near you. A truly wire free experience, Samsung’s Gear VR is out now being called an Innovator’s Edition, putting virtual reality into the hands of some early testers, die-hard techies and the like so we can ...

Showdown: Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Apple iPhone 5s

Whenever a new phone comes out, its only fare that its judged by the existing Apple flagship. Here we go again with the one Xiaomi baby, Mi 4. Hardware and Internal Fittings Making no mistake the Mi 4 is a giant on the inside. Its bundled with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, a ...

Xperia C3 launched with front facing LED Flash and ProSelfie Cam

Sony has launched the long awaited ‘Selfie phone’ dubbed Xperia C3 today. The smartphone which is the first selfie-dedicated smartphone in the market comes with a ProSelfie cam and several selfie-enhancement apps for the daily selfie addicts. The front camera features a wide-angle (25mm with 80 degree field of view) ...