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Facebook developing new "Facebook at Work" social network to compete with LinkedIn - Techpurge Facebook developing new "Facebook at Work" social network to compete with LinkedIn - Techpurge
Facebook at Work

Facebook developing new “Facebook at Work” social network to compete with LinkedIn

Reports have it that Facebook is working on a new social network that will be called “Facebook at Work”. It will apparently allow users to separate their professional profiles from their personal Facebook profiles. The move is aimed at making employers embrace the social network and allow employees to use the “Work” version to communicate between each other, collaborate with professional contacts as well as share work related files via Google Drive and Microsoft’s applications.

Facebook continues to scramble for more of the internet business pie as it looks to expand it’s relevance into the workplace, a move that may not be well embraced considering how firms and companies are currently blocking their employees from accessing Facebook while at work. It is not easy to tell what Facebook’s intention with the new social network will be, but various tech analysts are expecting it to be another stunt to make things better for Facebook’s advertising model.

LinkedIn, the career based social networking giant is set to go head-to-head with Facebook at Work if the latter ever materializes. LinkedIn has built it’s presence on professionals and careers which is far wide from the rants, political views and silly videos we see on our Facebook news feeds. Facebook at Work will have a very difficult and steep hill to climb if they take on LinkedIn but we are yet to see how this plays out.

According to the report, Facebook is already designing and working on their new social network which will feature a news feed and professional groups. As Facebook at Work is set to bring Facebook into the enterprise field, we are anxious to see how Microsoft, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Box and Google react considering that they are so immersed into enterprise to let a new player join in, but it’s definitely some war we can’t wait to watch. Facebook’s new social network is already being tested in some companies’ offices and will be launched as soon as development and testing is complete. If things go well for Facebook, then it puts Mark Zuckerberg at a very good position to improve the company’s net-worth which is now estimated to be $200 billion.