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Facebook’s plan to control the internet

Mark Zuckerberg may have surprised everyone at the pace in which his start-up and college project dubbed Facebook has grown. It was once a social network that connected only a few students in Harvard, but today, it’s the biggest social network with over 1 billion users all over the world. You can call it whatever name that comes to your mind, just only, it should refer to an upcoming take over. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely not looking towards taking over the internet in terms of software that helps you write documents, or even in terms of owning laptops and computers or algorithms that enhance various capabilities like search. No. He is looking at one direction. Social. It’s easy to see how fast he is moving towards what might be his ultimate dream and an achievement that might surpass most.

Facebook has not had a less challenging time being at the place it is today, in fact, it’s faced more challenges than any other social media network within it’s last 10 years of growth. Launched on February 4th, 2004, Facebook has arguably gone through all the possible criticism that any other company of such stature may have gone through, or even worse.

Back in 2007 and early Facebook years, people said Facebook was just another MySpace, but evidently as it stands today Zuckerberg has proved everyone wrong and is seemingly on the path to winning the battle.

Reports emerged only a few weeks ago that teenagers were leaving the social network. However, mathematically, a few teenagers leaving Facebook cannot be compared to millions of users who join Facebook every single day. As such, the teens who are leaving are only a drop in the ocean, and for every 10 people leaving Facebook every day, hundreds of thousands more join Facebook, therefore it cancels out and pays back. Eventually, Facebook is on the road to building the biggest online community base for probably everyone all over the world.

As millions of people continue to join the social network daily, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg is aware that there are still billions of people who live in utter poverty all over the world and cannot afford to use the internet, let alone owning an internet enabled mobile phone. Realizing that these people exist is not quite an achievement but coming up with a plan that is Internet.org which will see every one who cannot afford a mobile phone and the internet get access to each of these two facilities in itself is genius and absolutely remarkable.

Zuckerberg’s plan with Internet.org is to make the internet a hundred times more affordable than it is today. With that plan comes the second plan which is to make affordable internet-enabled devices that everyone all over the world can buy.

It is evident that in the world today, owning pieces of hardware, or probably expensive furniture, or maybe expensive companies and all, does not give you the leeway ahead of others. That’s different when we talk about owning information. Zuckerberg, like all other billionaires above and below him in the world’s rich list were either a part of big idea or creatives that came up with the idea. Forget about Dubai’s oil billionaires. Forget about the drug lords who became rich off killing people’s sober ambitions and investing in drugs to sell to kids, men, women and every little child they could find. We are talking reality. I’m referring to achievable dreams for every man and woman on earth. Owning information is the backbone of success. The internet is the backbone of information and knowledge in the world today. While you are still at it, Mark Zuckerberg has the plan laid out, to take information and knowledge in the name of ‘the internet’ to every living person on earth.

Facebook’s recent announcement of an agreement to buy WhatsApp is the other part of the plan. Everybody buying an internet-enabled smartphone today usually downloads WhatsApp mobile app on their first day, because everyone they know of is on WhatsApp. In fact, arguably, any mobile phone you buy today will come with WhatsApp installed by default. Few bytes of data will see you communicate with friends and family all over the world for as long as you want. There is no single messaging app that is growing as fast as WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg knew this only too well. With his internet.org plans all laid out, he knew that WhatsApp is of no use to Facebook today, but will be when he eventually launches an assault to connecting people to information with the internet.org project.

‘You don’t need it today, but you will need it tomorrow,’ is what Mark Zuckerberg probably thought of before he gave WhatsApp an outstanding offer of $19 billion to relinquish the fight and let him own the service.

With approximately 500 million users and millions more joining WhatsApp everyday, we cannot help but compare it to Facebook, the unbeatable social network.

It’s alright to call Facebook a ‘conglomerate’ owning Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Believe me, it’s alright. And of course, for lack of a better word.

Technology keeps shifting every single day, start-ups come up every other day. In all this we can justifiably say the economic ability of every human being is growing as well as companies all over the world. In 30 years, or less, the Internet will be available to more than 80% of people everywhere on earth. And when that happens, Facebook will be the mightiest, biggest and largest social network and internet owner on earth. And Mark Zuckerberg will be sitting on top of it.