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Google’s top-secret waterborne facility: A floating data center or gadget showroom. - Techpurge Google’s top-secret waterborne facility: A floating data center or gadget showroom. - Techpurge

Google’s top-secret waterborne facility: A floating data center or gadget showroom.

What is it? A server farm, an education facility or maybe a floating showroom for the relatively new wearable gadgets, like Glass.

Well, rumors are running rampant about the hush-hush, four-story construction raised on a large barge, sitting next to a pier at Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. As of now, neither Google nor the barge owners have let out any information pertaining to the construction.


It was leaked that attorneys approached a regional environmental office several months ago inquiring about permits needed if they wanted to park the floating structure on long-term basis. These attorneys were reported to have belonged to either Google or an affiliated company. They referred in general terms to using the vessel as a tool to teach about technology.


While this was going on, a second massive, mystery barge has been secured in a Maine harbor since earlier this month, this is according to the Portland Press Herald. The barge in Maine has a similar structure and is registered to the same company that owns the barge at Treasure Island.

To add to this, the U.S Coast Guard records show that the company owns at least four big barges. Moreover, there are some significant links to Google by another affiliate company.

The first reports on the matter indicate that there is a possibility that Google is building floating data center, which may use seawater for cooling.  Reports go on to indicate that it may produce its own power from ocean wave movement. Google already obtained a patent for such an idea in 2009.

Google already has a reputation for pursuing wild ideas from self-driving cars to wearable gadgets and much more. Going back to the main title, the floating computer center is rumored to perhaps be used as a backup in the case of an earthquake on land.

The other prediction is that the barge is to be used as a floating market center, or retail store. The company should show off cutting-edge gadgets like the wearable Google Glass.


Well to add to the confusion, there is a third possibility. That is, Google is building an oceangoing technology classroom. Google has not responded to requests for comments.

The structure itself seems to have been assembled from modular units that resemble shipping containers. The containers are stacked in a cube except for one unit that sits at an angle to the others.at the top there’s 12 slender masts or antennae.

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