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The Life and Times of Bill Gates nearing the Big 60 - Techpurge The Life and Times of Bill Gates nearing the Big 60 - Techpurge

The Life and Times of Bill Gates nearing the Big 60

In only 59 years, Bill Gates has achieved a lot of things that would probably be impossible¬†for a normal human being. Now rated the richest man in the world according to Forbes with a net-worth of $82.2 billion (as of Nov.24th), Bill Gates is focusing on his philanthropic goals. He aims to eliminate Malaria and is working hard towards that mission while writing all about it on his blog, Gates Notes. Other short-term goals for him include eliminating the Ebola disease which has ravaged West Africa especially Liberia, as well as improving farming and agriculture in third world countries to be able to provide food for the world’s most lacking countries.¬†Through the¬†Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill has now given $30 billion away to the world.

He is definitely an inspiration and one of the greatest in our generation. Time comes and goes, and with it all of us age. At 60 people contemplate about their lives and look back thinking, “what would I have done different?” While some people regret hard about the things they would have done and wish that they didn’t waste any¬†opportunities, the same cannot be¬†said¬†of a man who has achieved so much as he heads into the big 60. Now a force to deal with in technology, Microsoft was built with love, ambition and commitment by the world’s richest man. Earlier this year he relinquished his post as Microsoft’s Chairman. He continues to serve as a technology advisor in the company.

By 1995, 95 percent of PCs were shipped with Windows Operating System installed, still Microsoft’s major achievement. That has barely changed to date even with the emergence of new operating systems. Microsoft’s Office product that includes Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint and Ms excel has also been a major source of revenue for the company. Within the same period Internet Explorer was the most used browser, and still continues to command a proper following even in the presence of growing competition from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in 2014.

It is hard to compare Bill Gates with any other tech innovator in the world today. However, Steve Jobs fits the bill. Our fiends at Roaming Tech have worked on the infographic below that will inform you more:

Bill Gates