Mack Zuckerberg angry with articles claiming he is out to make money from Facebook users

Mack Zuckerberg has admitted to getting angry every time he reads an article claiming that he is out to make money from Facebook users through advertising. Zuckerberg has claimed that the idea of advertising in the news feed was something he was never open to until Facebook went public last year. The direct advertising in the news feed was adopted in what Zuckerberg says was a push by shareholders who wanted to get profit for their investments.

It drives me crazy when people write stuff and assert that we’re doing something because the goal is to make a lot of money – Mack Zuckerberg.

Trusted sources have indicated that it is true Zuckerberg was never open to the idea of advertising in the news feed until a few days before going public in May last year when he started considering the idea. He asked engineers to test, a venture that earned Facebook a whopping $1.8 Billion in profits in the second quarter of last year. Despite earning $2.3 Billion from the company last year, Zuckerberg has insisted that he didn’t just decide to get involved in the advertising business but it was a long thought-out process which he finally had to take on in order to make more profit for shareholders.

Even as Facebook’s profits continue to soar, the social media giant has problems lurking on its way with latest reports showing that teenagers were leaving Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat. Among the reasons for the change was that parents had joined Facebook and teenagers were now embarrassed to be on the same social network as their parents.