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Nokia Lumia 925 Review: Nokia Ditched Rainbow Colors - Techpurge Nokia Lumia 925 Review: Nokia Ditched Rainbow Colors - Techpurge
Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 Review: Nokia Ditched Rainbow Colors

Nokia has not had an easy road up, that’s because they chose Microsoft’s seemingly inferior operating system over the more than conventional Google’s Android OS which was embraced by all and sundry. Or the Windows Phone OS isn’t as beastly as Apple’s iOS to compete better? Maybe that’s because Nokia has always been different ever since they ventured into the mobile phone market. Back then it was always war between Nokia’s and Blackberry’s finest. Today, if it’s not their Lumia 1020 that has 41 mega-pixel camera then it’s their Lumia 1520 6-inch phablet. Nothing ever seems comparable to the rest but most of the time they never get the accolades. But will they get this in our review today?


Nokia Lumia 925 is another effort by Nokia to be different. This might just be the most pleasing Windows phone design i have seen yet.

The Nokia Lumia 925 has an aluminium frame that binds the phone all round on the edges. It’s a nice touch to provide the cold smooth feel. Nokia didn’t go all metallic like the HTC One or the iPhone 5S, no. They chose to cover the back in a polycarbonate finish that feels very safe, soft and warm. So when holding the phone you have this cold aluminium feel at the edges all round the phone and a very warm and soft feel at the back, very satisfying and contrasting i must say. ‘Polycarbonate’ is not the best they would make though, i feel like Nokia could have gone a step ahead.

 Nokia Lumia 925 Design

The Nokia Lumia 925 was largely regarded and released as the direct improvement to the Lumia 920. The Lumia 920 was bulky, at 185 grams, it was extremely bulky to carry around, and in what seems to be an answer to the largely surprised market at the Lumia 920’s weight, Nokia responded by making the Lumia 925 lighter and portable. At 135 grams its quite some improvement and very commendable.

Placement of buttons in Lumia 925

The Lumia 925’s (129 x 70.6 x 8.5 mm) measurements make it a very pleasant, thinner and light phone to carry around. At 8.5mm in thickness, it’s definitely the lightest and slimmest smartphone Nokia has ever made. The Nokia Lumia 920 was a fail i must say, it was yet the flagship. Nokia’s quick response to the blunder was a sign that they may not have liked what they gave the market as their best smartphone. The Lumia 925 is no doubt a phone to reckon with, competing in the same league as Android’s finest, the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Placement of buttons is well thought, with the earphone and USB charging slot placed at the very top, while the Power and Volume buttons have been placed on the right side along the aluminium frame. I found all the buttons easy to reach, they are quality build and they do not seem to soften, they are made to be tough and that means they will last longer.

Placement of charging slot in Lumia 925

Nokia may not be your favorite designer, because they keep producing phones with a lot of colors that makes the phones seem non-mature to me. However, the Lumia 925 comes in three colors that leaves me with the feeling of a grown up. My review unit was the sleek black Lumia 925 but you can choose from the other two color options, White and Silver.


Nokia Lumia 925 has an AMOLED capacitative touchscreen with 1,280 x 768 pixel making it a better display than it’s predecessor, the Lumia 920 which packed a IPS LCD capacitative touchscreen. The corning Gorilla glass ensures that the screen is scratch resistant. The 4.5″ display gets a boost from Nokia’s PureMotion HD and the ClearBlack technology. When in sleep mode, tapping the screen twice lights up the screen so you can unlock the phone.

Display of the Nokia Lumia 925

Viewing angles are definitely on their best level, but the 332 pixel per inch is not one that will compare with HTC One or Galaxy S4. In spite of this you won’t see any pixel, maybe courtesy of Windows Phone 8 OS. The Lumia 920 had the same pixel density and display size as the newer Lumia 925. That’s disturbing. I expected that Nokia will improve the display, because this was supposed to be an improvement on their bulky Lumia 920. If Nokia wants to compete, it must provide something that will worry it’s competitors, otherwise this display doesn’t shake the S4 or HTC One at all. Producing the same phone and only making it thinner doesn’t cut it. Make it a masterpiece if you want it to be a masterpiece.


I never experienced any lags. Windows Phone 8 operating system on it own is a very light operating system as compared to Jelly Bean in Android mobile phones. The iOS7 might be light as the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Using the Lumia 925 was exciting, it is a very responsive phone, and a force to reckon with in terms of speed and performance.

Lumia 925's performance

The Lumia 925 uses the Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset with a powerful Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU just like the Lumia 920. With 1GB of RAM, it’s basically a powerful device to use. The Adreno 225 GPU is a big boost to the speed and i believe that you will not at any point find this phone slow, whatever application you will be running. Unless more complex and heavier applications are made in future. As of now, the Lumia 925 is your best bet at getting extreme top-notch performance.


Windows Phone 8 OS was introduced only last year, and it’s a no wonder that several developers have not completely embraced this new platform in order to develop many applications. Nonetheless, Microsoft is not reducing their tempo. They are matching on and i must say that the Windows Phone 8 is improving and developers are beginning to produce more applications for this platform. While Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 OS is not yet where it should be, we have began to see it as the 3rd most prominent mobile phone OS in today’s technology era, beating the Blackberry and coming 3rd to only Android and iOS.

 software Nokia Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 is a good phone but the limited applications in the Windows Store limits it’s ability to fully impress. Taking the operating system as it is, i have no problem absolutely. Microsoft seems to be providing more updates to this system and making it more sophisticated. It’s a good try. We do understand that it’s not easy to beat Apple and Google’s ecosystem that fast, but taking down the smaller platforms might just be the first big step. Signs that developers are embracing the Windows mobile OS can be seen by recent moves for example when Instagram officially released the Windows Phone 8 Instagram app just two weeks before i reviewed this phone.


Beating the Nokia Lumia 920 at camera features is the Lumia 925. It doesn’t pack the Lumia 1020’s 41 mega-pixel camera that has raised a lot of interesting questions and opinions. It’s a well knit 8.8 mega-pixel camera with dual LED flash light and six Carl Zeiss lenses. This might be the best story i tell today.

The low-light capability of the lumia 925 is splendid


Nokia Lumia 925 camera

Impressive is the name. In terms of low-light capability, the Lumia 925 makes Cupertino’s iPhone 5S run, the Galaxy S4 doesn’t even come close, and nothing will make HTC’s One want to compete. Nokia Lumia 925’s camera gives you an experience that you will not get using other phones in low-light conditions.

However, It’s just like the iPhone 5S, or the Galaxy S4 in bright conditions, though the iPhone 5S takes better natural color photos during the day.


Nokia Smart Cam “unleashes creativity” just as Nokia loves to describe it. You can take photos in quick succession, and even edit them from your smartphone to create nice effects like this one below which i took at the swimming pool prior to this review.

Nokia Smart Cam


Nokia Lumia takes awesome videos at 1080p HD with video stabilization. The front camera is 1.3 MP with the ability to take 720p HD videos.

There is spectacular sharpness of some degree and sort that doesn’t come with any kind of smartphone. Nokia Lumia 925 achieves it. The colors are a bit flaky though if you compare with the iPhone 5S, but it’s nothing to concern you much. In terms of integration with the hardware, the Lumia 925 gets this home. The camera is fast and the response is pretty much impressive. I haven’t seen anything like the iPhone 5S ‘s speed though, but this is something we expect Nokia to improve on in the future phone releases.


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Battery Life and Storage

The Lumia 925 has a non-removable back. So you won’t get to see what the 2000mAh battery looks like inside. However, Nokia are known to have the best battery so you know what i am going to say next. The battery is good. Android phones have batteries that are worse. The iPhone never gets this battery thing right, but Nokia have this as their stronghold. If you want to buy a phone with a solid battery life, Nokia Lumia 925 is a good competitive bet. It’s among the best. It will carry you through two days if you are a normal smartphone user, that is, you receive a few notifications from your email, make a few calls and maybe text a lot. If you receive a lot of emails and like to surf way too much, the battery will go for one and a half days. If you don’t use your smartphone heavily, then expect the battery to last 3 days.

Battery Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia are betting on the 16GB internal storage space to be enough for you, but you can catch the 32GB from Vodafone suppliers. There is no micro-SD card slot on this phone so if you are looking to increase the storage, it’s very unfortunate.

Call Quality

Nokia Lumia 925 has an impressive call quality. I did not experience any dropped calls no matter where i went to. The ability to hold a call in poor network areas and keep you talking to the person on the other end is fantastic. The people i talked to in various locations as a mode of testing did not complain of any issues in my voice quality. Nokia’s Lumia 925 therefore achieves the natural voice quality on both ends.

call quality


Nokia Lumia 925 is Nokia’s first shot at a metallic design. It’s not everyday that we see manufacturers trying this and getting it right, but i have to commend Nokia’s designers for giving us a device that is notoriously outstanding.

Design of the Nokia Lumia 925

The only thing that is holding this phone back is the Windows Phone 8 operating system. This mobile OS neither has the large pool of applications like what we see in Android’s Google Play store nor the quality build apps in Apple’s iOS store. The phone seems to have this remarkable strength and power that makes us want to push it to furthest limits, but we cannot because we have limited applications. There is nothing bad like being held back when you have all it takes to move the world. I’m sure that the Lumia 925 pity’s itself. It wishes it could do more.

If you are a fan of the Windows Phone 8, this is the best phone yet. It’s curved in all aspects except the display. It’s bright. The display is heavy with natural color and sharpness. It’s powerful. The Camera is superbly astonishing. So go for it. For those of us who want a sea of apps to play around with, i’m sorry to tell you that its not yet that time for Windows Phones and you might want to look somewhere else. If you are also a fan of the rainbow colors in previous Windows Phone models, take a U-turn, this is not your place. For some reason i miss the rainbow colors, but deep inside, i don’t want them in the Lumia 925.

Featured image Courtesy of Techpurge.com

A brilliant product with only one major flaw; Windows Phone OS

Good Things

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Camera's low-light capability is breathtaking
  • Nokia's best design yet

Bad Things

  • Windows Phone 8 OS has limited applications
  • Display could have been better
  • 16GB storage without microSD card is limiting

The Breakdown

Battery Life
Call Quality