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Galaxy S4 shot in the dark

Galaxy S5 Release Date & Everything You Should Know

Time moves as it pleases and quite fast i must say. Earlier in much when Samsung Galaxy S4 launched, it was the only phone worth talking about, but as days garnered dust, HTC One came out and with it the fastest processor we had seen in a smartphone before then. In September, Apple’s iPhone 5S launched and showed a record-breaking agility to beat every smartphone in terms of speed and performance. The 5S was crashing through all benchmark tests and even though a phone like the HTC One still held on tough coming second, the S4 was left behind though not by a wide margin.

Samsung will be keen not to allow such a defeat again when they release Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014.

There have been several rumors prior to the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. We have been all over the internet following up and reporting to you about them. Today, we chose to collect each of those rumors and bring them to you everything we’ve heard thus far.

1. Name

Samsung have maintained the record in terms of naming their phones, at least this is what we can be right about because everything else is a rumor, just that this one is a bigger rumor. Samsung will be looking to maintain their superiority and therefore will stick to the Galaxy S naming. Having come all the way from Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, S3 and S4, it’s only sensible that the next one will be named Samsung Galaxy S5.

2. Galaxy S5 Design

There is a buzz in blogs and news companies online that Samsung have been holding frequent meetings dubbed “Design 3.0”, which are all geared towards designing a brilliant Galaxy S5. As rumors continue to heat up, we cannot dispute the fact that the Galaxy S4 looked like a duplicate of the S3 in terms of appearance. It was lighter and thinner, but the body was domineered by the same polycarbonate cover. Polycarbonate is plastic masquerading as metal and as such is not a premium design. When HTC One and iPhone 5S both came out with their smooth metallic finishes, they all made the Galaxy S4 look like a big joke. Samsung should never allow themselves to be taken that way again.

Samsung’s meetings are rumored to be working towards a premium design for the Galaxy S5. According to Electronic Times News, Samsung has sent it’s engineers to Vietnam to explore the possibility of making smartphones using Aluminium and/or Magnesium backs. A good move, and definitely good news to boost Samsung’s stand in the market.

Polycarbonate is plastic masquerading as metal and as such is not a premium design.

Also, new reports indicate that perhaps, Galaxy Note 3’s finish of the Faux leather stitched rear cover might also be something Samsung is exploring to feature in their next flagship. However, according to Android Geeks’ “inside sources”, we shall have the S5 come in full Aluminium chassis.

Whatever Samsung chooses, i doubt there will be only one design because that would have an impact on the price and affordability from various parts of the world. We are predicting that Samsung will have a premium design and the standard polycarbonate design, just so that they can cut on the price and make more sales.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

Also, if this image is something to go by, we can see Samsung ditching the usual curvilinear design for a square-like design with lots of corners. Apart from that, maybe then it’s time for Samsung to ditch the ‘Home’ button.

3. Galaxy S5 Display

This past week, we saw stronger reports indicating that Samsung was going to improve the display in the Galaxy S5. We all know that Samsung is already the king of display in smartphones, the Galaxy S4 came with the best display in the market, crisp, clear and with awesome viewing angles. It already had precision such that the human eye could not pick a single pixel from it. The only reason Samsung may want to provide a better display than this would be to improve the general performance of the smartphone as well as provide classier videos and animations. But what could be classier than S4’s display? The quad HD also known as 2K.

Samsung are looking to manufacture Galaxy S5 with 2K display, simply, 560ppi is the resolution that this technology shall bring with it. According to reliable sources, Samsung has already ordered the manufacture of this display. Samsung promised 4K displays by 2016, and maybe achieving half of that (2K) is half-way to the promised land. Apart from that, Galaxy S5 rumors that it may have a curved display have refused to die so it’s something we are really following.

Samsung Galaxy S5 display

Better displays mean the phone needs more power and perhaps Samsung is looking to include a 4000mAh so it can cope with the amount of power such a display will need, but that’s sarcastic right? Maybe Samsung will or will not. The way i see it, they have no choice but to manufacture the phone with a more powerful battery.

4. Performance

Not much has been said about the Galaxy S5’s performance except that it may pack a 64-bit A7 Processor like the one in iPhone 5S. In fact, the online world claims  that Samsung is the one manufacturing Apple’s new processor and such reports have not been proven but that would not be a surprise.

Galaxy S5 could beat Note 3’s specs after  rumors of 4GB RAM to be included in the S5 have intensified.

5. Operating System

We expect Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with Android’s latest OS, Android 4.4 KitKat. However, with the latest tussles between Google and Samsung, we won’t be surprised to hear that Samsung is ditching Android for it’s own OS called Tizen, which was co-developed by itself and Intel. Samsung launched Galaxy S4 earlier this year without mentioning Android, at all. That’s a sign that Google and Samsung are falling out.

Tech analysts predict that Samsung will make two versions, one with Android and another with Tizen just so that it can test the waters before deciding whether to stick to Android or move to Tizen completely.

Samsung have dismissed the idea of a fingerprint scanner, perhaps trying to steer away from Apple’s most innovative stunt despite rumors that Samsung had bought a Biometrics firm.

6. Galaxy S5 Camera

The new flagship is rumored to be coming with a 16MP camera packing the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology currently available in Galaxy S4 Zoom and LG G2. This camera doesn’t beat Sony Xperia Z1’s 20 MP or Nokia Lumia 1020’s 41MP, but it sure beats S4’s 13MP that lacked OIS technology. Hopefully this time round Samsung will remove the dual-Camera feature because who uses it anyway? Samsung should learn to gives us features that help improve our experience, not just for the sake of it.

A new CMOS image sensor dubbed the ISOCELL is also said to be in the offing. It separates individual pixels which minimizes electrical cross-talk between them leading to higher color fidelity hence sharper and richer images. Good news? I thought so.

7. A Fingerprint scanner?

Samsung have dismissed the idea of a fingerprint scanner, perhaps trying to steer away from Apple’s most innovative stunt despite rumors that Samsung had bought a biometrics firm. However, a retina scanner is what seems to be taking center stage in Samsung’s ‘scanning escapades’. If the Galaxy S5 actually comes with a retina scanner to unlock the phone, then i think it would be the most ridiculous of scanners, i mean, don’t you think people are going to look at you like, “isn’t this insane, holding the phone to the eye just to unlock it?”

8. Price tag and Release Date

The price tag for the Galaxy S5 is going to be hefty. There has never been a hyped phone before from Samsung like the S5, so if you are planning to purchase it, better sit tight and hold your horse on your budget, it’s time to save. If the rumors regarding the 2K display and an aluminum chassis are true, the price will skyrocket and this is not rocket science. Galaxy S4 sold 20 million copies within the first two months, we are keen to see how things go for Galaxy S5.

We are expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S5 around March, and then it should go on the market for sale around April pending towards the end of the month.

Think we have left anything out? Let us know via the comment section below.