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Shazam Music Discovery Now Available on Mac - Techpurge Shazam Music Discovery Now Available on Mac - Techpurge
Shazam for Mac

Shazam Music Discovery Now Available on Mac

Shazam uses audio tagging technology and has mobile apps since 2008. Only now, with the launch of Shazam’s first app for Mac, will users be able to identify a song, ad, or television clip from their desktop computers.

Once installed, the application performs in a rather subtle way, running its trademark ID work constantly in the background, if you allow it to.

On the home screen, additionally, it only takes a spot on the menu bar to let you glance at recently discovered media.

Beyond music, Shazam also works with television channels in the U.S., and Shazam for Mac was able to identify a number of shows and movies airing on a nearby television. Clicking on the item’s listing in Shazam offers quick access to content such as cast information, IMDB and Wikipedia listings, and more.

The Shazam app (which is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8) has an install base of 350 million with an active monthly user base of around 70 million. In 2012 alone it added 100 million new users and is currently adding two million new users every single week – and the growth rate is accelerating.