Speed Up Your Android phone

How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Owning a phone based on the Android OS can be painstaking when it comes to how slow or fast your mobile phone operates. Most of the time you find yourself suffering from the urge to Speed up your Android phone leading to several searches online. Well, suffice it to say that you will find several guides showing you how to speed up your Android phone, some of these guides are tried and proven while others are just made by people who haven’t tested whether these methods work or don’t. Essentially, you end up trying several things which may or may not work. If they do not work slow down your Android device even more.

To assist our readers and anyone out there, we have made a short guide on how to speed up your android phone. Tips that have been proved to work for any device.

1. Sort Your Mobile Apps

How many mobile apps do you have on your mobile phone? 20? 30? 50? Okay, whatever the number is, it really matters how you organize your mobile applications to enhance your device speed. You need to check for apps that are movable to your microSD card. Most mobile apps today can be installed and then moved from your phone to the SD card to create space for your device. Having all your mobile apps installed and stored in your mobile phone leads to less space in the phone. The phone is likely to drag, or be slow. If you are using Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, you can check for movable apps by navigating to your settings–>Apps. A list of mobile apps is going to be provided to show you which apps can be moved to your internal storage or SD card. If you are using an Android OS lower than the Android 4.0, we recommend that you install AppMgr III (App 2 SD). This app will give you a list of all movable apps and assist you to move them all to the SD card creating space to speed up your android phone.

move apps to sd card or internal storage full

Remember to uninstall the mobile apps that you do not use. It’s no use having mobile apps you go months without using. This is just clutter that will slow down your phone. Speed up your android phone by removing these apps.


2. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

When your purchase any Android devices, they all come with pre-installed widgets on the home screen. These widgets are doing your Android phone a big injustice, why? They are heavy; they make your home screen heavy. This slows down your phone in the long run. To speed up your android phone you should delete these widgets. Delete these widgets by pressing down on a widget; this will trigger it for moving. While it’s still pressed, you will see a trash can icon shown at the bottom of the home screen, drag the widget into the trash can and that’s it, it’s deleted.

 remove unnecessary widgets full

3. Disable Automatic Sync

A very important tip to speed up your android phone is by taking care of the background sync activities. The Android platform is set to sync apps and accounts in the background when your internet is enabled. By navigating to the settings–>accounts & sync option in your mobile phone, you can see all the accounts that have been set to sync automatically. Disable automatic sync. This means your accounts will sync manually and only when you open them.

 Accounts and sync

4. Clear Cache

Every time you use your mobile phone, your mobile apps generate small files that are stored away hidden in a “safe place.” Okay, i choose to call it a “safe place” but it’s not safe really because these files can be deleted. These small files are not important at all for your device. They should be deleted occasionally. I recommend that you delete them daily. If you installed AppMgr III (App 2 SD) in step one, you are good to go. You can delete your cache by a tap on the clear cache button in the app.

However, with this app you will have to be on top of your memory since you can’t schedule the cache clearing. If you didn’t install this app or do not want the hassle of remembering to clear cache every day, we recommend App Cache Cleaner – Clean. With this app you can schedule to clear cache after a few hours, or once every day, or once in every two days, etc.

App Cache Cleaner

5. Install Task Killer

If you have not rooted your device, then this tip is for you. But if you have rooted your android phone, jump over to the next point because you won’t need this.

Installing a task killer app helps to speed up your android phone every once in a while. There are loads of task killer apps out there but we recommend Advanced Task Killer. With this app you can schedule when to kill background apps to speed up your android phone. If you use your phone a lot, we recommend scheduling for every one hour. If you are not a phone addict or so to say, then you can schedule for every 2 to 4 hours depending on how frequent you use your device.

Advanced Task killer

Even so, we recommend rooting your mobile phone. There are cons that come with rooting your mobile phone, but i guess, the pros are just too many such that they overshadow the disadvantages. Rooting your device will give you the privilege to experience our next tip.

6. Install Greenify

This is a pretty new app in the market but it’s downloads are soaring by the day. We saved this for last because its precious. This mobile app hibernates all applications that are not actively in use allowing you to open the apps only when you want to use them. Once you are done, they are automatically hibernated again.

How many apps run in the background in your mobile phone? Several I know.

Even after installing all possible task killer apps, its difficult to speed up your android phone. You still have apps running in the background. Ideally, what the task killers do is kill the running apps. After a few minutes, the apps begin running again. It doesn’t matter whether you have set the task killer to be aggressive or crazy. The background apps will be running again in a few minutes after they’ve been aggressively or crazily killed.

To speed up your Android phone, you need Greenify. With Greenify, the apps will not be running until you run them after which they will be hibernated automatically until the next time you need them. Do not confuse this with freezing. When you freeze your apps you can’t use them. Greenify hibernates them so they can run only when you want to use them. The only set back though is that to use Greenify, you have to grant it superuser permissions in your android phone. This requires that you root your Android device. So if your device is rooted, then you are super cool to go download Greenify here.

Greenify to speed up your android phone

 Do you have any more suggestions? Maybe methods you have tried before? Let us know via the comments section. Looking forward to your opinions.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, Rob Bulmahn