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Steve jobs child hood house added as ā€˜historic resourceā€™ - Techpurge Steve jobs child hood house added as ā€˜historic resourceā€™ - Techpurge
The childhood home of Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs child hood house added as ā€˜historic resourceā€™

The simple house in which one of the worldā€™s most known tech giants, Steve Jobs built some of his initial computers, and co-founded Apple was recently added to a list of historic Los Altos properties.

The Historic Commission voted unanimously to designate the home at 2066 Crist Drive a ā€œhistoric resourceā€. This was due to its link to Steve Jobs, and also to place it on the cityā€™s historic resource inventory.

steve jobs childhood home 2

The vote is the result of a two year effort by the Los Altos Historical Commission to preserve the one-story home as it is. The Chairman of the commission, Frank Bishop praised the work of his colleagues and city staff. He cited that the job had to have included extensive research and intensive property evaluation.

The event will have to include some more review on whether the home has to undergo some renovations. The commission should also be able to make any recommendations to the city council about the suggested changes.

As far as permission goes, the commission did not need any from Steveā€™s sister, Patricia Jobs, who happens to be the current owner of the property. However, she has the option to appeal the decision to the council.

Officials at the commission confirm that the evaluation was indeed corrected at the request of Patricia and later sent to her for review.

Well as far as the house goes, Steve Jobs built the initial 100 Apple 1 computers at the Crist Drive home with help from Patricia Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The first half of this batch was sold to Paul Terrellā€™s byte shop in Mountain View, each at $500. As for the remaining half, their friends in their Homebrew Computer Club used them.


The original computers are now worth a lot. Actually, one of them sold for $213,000 at an auction back in 2010.

The partnership, which saw the birth of Apple Computer Co., was sealed in April 1, 1976, and a few months later, it was established and moved to Cupertino.Ā  These significant events took place at the property, and it was emphasized in the evaluation.


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