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Why I Stopped Using CommentLuv

When I first started this blog I wanted to change my comments system into something that actually made sense. I went to other blogs to discover what people were using out there. My blog is based on the WordPress CMS so I was looking for a plugin. Something simple but classy that will add value to my blog and my readers. On every middle level blog I went every blogger was recommending the use of CommentLuv. But i never saw this recommendation on top-level blogs like Copyblogger or Problogger, i didn’t realize why until later.

CommentLuv allows your readers to leave links to their latest blog posts on your website when they comment on your blog. As a matter of fact, that seemed fascinating to me at first. I felt that it was important to give back to your readers a kind of incentive so that they would get readers off your blog too. Plus, I would be impressed to leave my links when I comment on other blogs. So I went ahead and installed the latest version of CommentLuv.



One month down the line, I have taken it off for very sincere and specific reasons which I am going to shed light on as we progress. If you are reading this post then you’ve been searching for either a reason to install CommentLuv on your blog, or are looking to justify reasons why you should take the plugin out of your system.

The first thing I felt when I began using this plugin is that it does not fit the nature, intentions and target market of my blog. It’s all about other website owners leaving their post links on my blog. My target market is not people who have websites only; I am targeting all technology enthusiasts, half of whom have no blogs at all. CommentLuv seems to be a plugin that benefits blogs whose target market is other website owners. Bloggers own websites and therefore, the CommentLuv plugin would be important for them to drive traffic to their posts.

What is your target market?


One very disappointing discovery I made using CommentLuv was more of self-affiliated. It came from within. I was doing something I actually did not want to do. That’s because I wouldn’t want other bloggers or readers to do it to me too. This is it. I was going on a rampage, to find other blogs that use CommentLuv, comment on their posts just so that I would leave the links to my latest blog post there. Let’s confess. I know if you have been using CommentLuv long enough then you have experienced this. The urge to just comment on other blogs without the articles you are commenting on having benefited you at all. Applying to my blog it kept me wondering and asking myself questions like, “In the last one month since launching my blog, how many people have commented on my posts just to get traffic from here without necessarily benefiting from my articles?”

Another question, “I have been doing that. I comment on people’s posts out there without even reading carefully through their posts, or without appreciating their writing. Just because I want readers. Is it really fair?”

And then it hit me that the answer to my first question was no links have been left on my blog by any of the people who commented on my posts. The answer to the second question was “No, Its not fair and you have to stop it!!”

I stopped it. I took CommentLuv out of my blog before people actually realize that there is CommentLuv and go on a commenting rampage like I did.


Comments = Feedback


I do believe that if people find your posts interesting and informative, they will leave comments and opinions for you. But having to lock people in so that you get comments by providing an incentive for leaving links on your comment section is wrong. And as such, I can assure you that no matter how many comments you get, those comments are not really genuine. I know they told you it’s important to give back to your readers, but scratch that. It’s not enough reason for you to have people who have neither benefited nor appreciated your post to comment so they can get a little juice of your traffic.

CommentLuv is good way to build backlinks. Back then when it was introduced into the market, it gained a lot of popularity. Eventually, it’s popularity started dropping. Reason? People realized that there are other plugins like Disqus which offer a lot more on the table than CommentLuv. The challenge for you who has been using CommentLuv as a way of building backlinks is this –> seeing that the popularity of CommentLuv is dropping every day, its just a matter of time before the websites using CommentLuv stop using it. What does this mean for you? It means you lose all your backlinks. You lose your popularity. Your search engine ranking drops drastically because the source of traffic you invested in so much has been scrapped off by this blogger who once used CommentLuv and on whose articles you left your backlinks. Stop looking for websites that are using CommentLuv so you can build backlinks, you never know what will happen. There are more impressive and long-lasting ways of building backlinks.

Maybe this next point will have me scorned for being selfish but I will say it anyway. The same blogs that keep saying they won’t use Google Adsense because it drives people away from your website are the very same people using CommentLuv to drive people away from their blogs. I am not asking you to use Google Adsense. I am not asking you to use CommentLuv. I am just insisting that double standards have come a long way but honesty is deep and should be geared for. I don’t like driving people away from my website. I want people to interact with my blog on a personal level. After finishing to read through my article – this one specifically- I want you to interact with my website more. Stick around and find out more hidden gems inside here. Don’t we all want that? CommentLuv drives people away from your website onto other people’s blogs.

One big disadvantage with this is that you drive people to other blogs whom you have not accredited. If I want to drive people to other blogs, I will include links on my articles, to posts that I have read and am assured that my readers would benefit too in using the article. But you never know whether the links that people are leaving on your posts are links to quality articles. I have clicked some of them and believe you me, others are pathetic. I don’t understand why a good blogger would subject me to such torture. So what I do, I never even read through the comments section for anyone using CommentLuv.

I can go on and on, but I might as well stop here because these have it in simple terms why I cannot use CommentLuv again and would not advocate for it. Your thoughts and experience is much welcome. Feel free to let me know what you think regarding this post. If you have used CommentLuv before, how has it worked for you?

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