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For the techies, what’s in your commuter laptop bag. - Techpurge For the techies, what’s in your commuter laptop bag. - Techpurge

For the techies, what’s in your commuter laptop bag.

What makes up an awesome laptop bag? Is it being able to fit everything you need for the day into a sizable, easy to access package? A package that you can easily carry around, because let’s face it, as a techy; there are some items you may no longer feel comfortable leaving the house without.

If you’re new to the tech world then this is something you will come to go through; am talking about the number of rounds you will have to go through in order to finally pick the combination of gadgets that you simply must have, and the bag shape and type that works best for you.

Most of the people I asked had the similar contents, save for a few radical types, like myself who were swimming against the current. Most will have their bags filled with tech gear, obviously… but some of us pack some convenience items, which ensure that the contents of the bag arrive in the same shape they were when packing.

Well, my bag has a mix of personal items and some work essentials, but it’s my work mate (Ian) that I want to focus on, since his been a techy far longer than I have. The best way to put it is that he has already reached that bag type and content sweet spot. He has exactly what he needs, all the backups in case of failures and just the right amount of items so that the bag is not too heavy.

Let’s have a look at what’s in his bag:

The most notable thing is the laptop I guess.  This list for me would include something light, so computers for this section would be the MacBook Air, and the rest. My friend went with the HP Pavilion dv6.

Moving on, there is the external hard drive. This has its obvious back up advantages. I would be caught off-guard on this coz a simple 16GB flash disk would do for me.

usable 2

The cables. Yes, these are very important, from the phone charger to the laptop charger, the various USB cables too.

The next obvious choice is the phone. This is a tricky one, since some of us prefer to have in the pocket, I don’t know about you but I fall in this group, and so does Ian.

Am, just going to through the rest in a general group, with the headphones (very important), the mouse and an Ethernet cable.

The other items to include, which none of us thought to include in our bags are:

  • those who find it fit to have packed lunch (I just had to include this).
  • the ever-important battery pack.
  • a tablet (the portability advantages of this cannot be overstated)
  • and last but not least, a decent camera.

If there’s anything I missed, fill free to comment below.