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Teens now prefer Twitter; dethroning Facebook from the top spot. - Techpurge Teens now prefer Twitter; dethroning Facebook from the top spot. - Techpurge

Teens now prefer Twitter; dethroning Facebook from the top spot.

Just a few years back, if you wanted to communicate directly to teens, then Facebook would have been your best option. Back then, there was almost no worthy competitor for the number one social networking site. I mean, twitter was for mothers and older people in general, while Instagram was still working its way up, and the same goes for Tumblr.


This has all changed now, with most of which is being attested to the lack of privacy on Facebook. To put it into perspective, when on Facebook, you have to be you, and you will also be required to prove that you are over 13. Moving on to Twitter, you can be whomever you want to be, have as many accounts as you have email addresses and you also get to chat with your favorite celebs. Twitter lets you speak your mind, be it good or bad, anonymously.


Well according to statistics from the “Taking with teens”, a report from Piper Jaffray & Co. there is a huge decline in Facebook usage. The decline was also felt by Twitter but in the end, they came out on top. The real gainer in this list is Instagram, with some huge gains this year alone. This number is still expected to grow, as long as Instagram sorts out its advertisement issues and doesn’t end up being too mainstream. Judging from experience, as soon as Instagram becomes the social media for moms, the teens will be gone.


Tumblr has managed to retain its grip on 4% of the teen pie with Google+ also taking a dip. However, this may not affect Google+ that much since it wasn’t that significant to teens to begin with.


The stage is set for a rough battle for supremacy among the top social sites. I wonder if Facebook will be able to reclaim their initial spot at the top, or will teens continue to look elsewhere for their social networking needs.

Tell us what you think about this new development.


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