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Twitter's Verified Users Can Now Filter Their Mentions - Techpurge Twitter's Verified Users Can Now Filter Their Mentions - Techpurge

Twitter’s Verified Users Can Now Filter Their Mentions

Twitter has unveiled their new major feature today for Twitter’s verified users. This new feature will help all verified users manage their Twitter conversations. Twitter’s verified users are those who have a blue check mark on their profiles.

The verified users can now filter their Twitter mentions within the “connect” tab above their feed. Twitter presents three options for the verified users. Verified users on Twitter can now filter their mentions into three separate categories; All, Filtered, and Verified.

This move by the social media giant is a push to make Twitter’s verified users identify the conversations that may be most important to them by sifting out spam mentions. All connections in the “Verified” category will only show mentions by other Twitter’s verified users.

Ed Gutman, the Product Manager, in the company’s blog post indicated that users who viewed mentions under the “Filtered” category will see posts “based on an algorithm we use to filter out spam.”


Twitter's verified users mention filters


This will encourage Twitter’s most popular users to stay active in the platform without the spammy mentions. Celebrities will find this handy because of the several spam mentions they receive on every one Tweet.

We are also looking forward to Facebook’s VIP-only app which intends to encourage celebs to engage more frequently with fans.

The new Twitter feature may on the other hand encourage celebrities to keep within themselves and communicate as such. Celebs use Twitter as verified users to avoid miscommunication from parody accounts to their fans.

However, the feature is yet to be rolled out for the mobile users. Twitter has promised to roll out this feature for the mobile versions in future. Meanwhile it’s only available on Twitter’s web version.

We are hoping that the new feature will encourage Twitter’s verified users to interact more with other Twitter users as well as send and receive messages via the mentions tab, rather than the highly spammed Direct Message (DM) inbox.

Featured image courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa