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Yahoo buys photo app-maker Cooliris

Yahoo has acquired the popular photo startup, Cooliris, as the tech giant continues to focus on improving mobile experience. Cooliris, founded back in 2006 has built its own app that enables users to to browse photos from popular social networks like Facebook, and Flickr, and also from the cloud with focus on Dropbox.

According to TechCrunch, the company was seeing increased growth last year particularly in Asia, thanks to partnerships with popular social network Baidu. The company had also made partnerships with other Asian companies like Yandex and Renren.

Cooliris also launched a photo messaging app known as BeamIt Messenger in the summer. In the past Cooliris created a mobile ads platform, Adjitsu, which they sold to Singtel’s Amobee Division in 2012.

Cooliris has received a total of $27.6 million in funding from several investors since the photo app-maker was launched in 2006. Regarding the sale to Yahoo, Cooliris indicates that “Yahoo has a clear vision and unwavering commitment to making mobile an intuitive and effortless experience.This makes Yahoo the perfect partner for Cooliris, and we are excited to come together to bring indispensable products to a worldwide audience.”

Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, is continuing to focus on mobile and most especially finding ways in which Yahoo can own a piece of the growing mobile platform. This resent purchase comes just a month after the company acquired a mobile messaging application, MessageMe.

It is believed that Cooliris Mobile app and BeamIt Messenger will continue operating for the time being. Yahoo’s statement regarding the purchase is here:

We have acquired Cooliris. In order to build inspiring products, grow engagement, and ultimately revenue, everything starts with having the best people to help us accelerate our transformation in our growth areas. As such, we are focusing on acquisitions that align with our key growth areas: search, communications, digital magazines and video. We are excited to welcome 17 employees from Cooliris to Sunnyvale, where our core communications team is located. Nothing will change with the Cooliris products in the immediate future.